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The ABA Names the 2021 Allstars - April 1, 2021 Indianapolis, IN


An impressive performance in the ABA North Central Region Tournament has turned out well for the Missouri Capitals.  The Caps are rewarded with 2 spot on the ABA Western Allstar Team.   Veteran forward, #42 Demarea Liddell will be joined by rookie Guard, #1 James Hughes.  


This is Liddell's 3rd time being selected to the ABA Allstar Team but his first time as a first team Allstar.  Liddell led all scorers in the North Central Tournament and became a fan favorite.  Hughes provided the second part of the 1-2 punch that prevented defenders from keeping Liddell out of the game with aggressive scoring and play by Hughes to give balance to the Capitals offensive attack.  


Come out to see the Caps and all of the ABA Allstars in St. Louis on April 15th or Watch it LIVE on pay-per-view at www.theABAFinals.com and click Livestream.


The Capitals will be retooling to prepare to grow to the next level in the upcoming season. Continue to follow the Caps all season long here at www.MOCAPITALS.net.

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1.  Jacksonville Giants 11-0    SE

2.  Chicago Fury 14-1    NC

3.  North Alabama War Dawgs 13-1   SE

4.  Southwest Desert Cats   12-0  Pacific

5.  Team Trouble 11-1   Pacific

6.  Steel City Yellow Jackets 14-2  NC

7.  Columbus Blackhawks 14-2  SE

8.  Delaware Snipers 9-0  MA

9.  Atlanta Storm 11-2   SE

10. Nassau County Pride 10-2   SE

11. Chula Vista Suns 9-2   Pacific

12. Indiana Lyons 12-4   NC

13. Las Vegas Royals 9-3  Pacific

14. Midwest Guardians 9-4  NC

15. St. Louis Spirits 8-4  SC

16. NEPA Stars & Stripes 8-4  MA

17. Tampa Bay Fury 7-2  SE

18.  Southwest Warriorss  9-1  SE

19. Orange County Novastars 8-5  Pacific

20. Chicago Knights 8-5 NC

21. South Phoenix Knights 8-5 Pacific

22. Ohio Bruins 6-4  NC

23. Georgia Gwizzlies 7-5  SE

24. Delco Desperados 5-4  MA

25. Hi Desert Pumas 7-5  Pacific


Final 2021

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