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Saturday, October 27, 2019  6pm


Cancer Awareness Day

vs Henderson Stars

at Stephens College

Silverthorne Arena

107 Dorsey St  Columbia, MO 65215

Admission $20















Friday, November 15, 2019



vs Kansas City Grillerz

at Moberly Area Community College

101 N College Ave, Moberly, MO 65270

Admission:  $20



Monday, September 5, 2019 - Columbia, MO – Coming Soon near you.


That's right.  Believe the rumors.  Professional basketball is coming to Mid-MO.  The Missouri Capitals prepare for their sophmore season and will make themselves at home.  The Missouri Capitals are based in Columbia, MO but will provide family entertainment for the entire region.  This fall, the Capitals will host their home games at  the Moberly Area Community College  and Stephens College for the 2019-20 ABA Season.  


The 2019-2020 ABA Schedule is now set and is full of excitement for the family and the entire community.  


The Capitals are coming off a debut season that saw them qualify for the playoffs and advance to the regional semi-finals before losing to the Topeka Sizzlers who went on to the ABA Final 8.  Well the Capitals have retooled and improved and are rolling out the red carpet for the full spectrum of ABA talent.  The highlights of the schedule will be tough competition from ABA playoff contenders such as the Indiana Lyons and the Topeka Sizzlers.  Wins over these teams will establish the Caps as a ABA Top 25 team but the real test of the season will be how the Caps fair against their cross-state rivals, the St. Louis Spirits.  The Spirits have been atop the South Central Region for the last 2 seasons and are squarely in the sites of the Capitals this year.  


The Caps are anxious to bring the ABA experience Mid-MO.  Not just the basketball (which is the best brand of basketball in the nation) but also the impact that we will have on the community.  ABA Basketball will be "doing the most" and the Capitals will be leading the way.  Along with our partnerships with Stephens College and the Moberly Area Community College, the Caps are partnering with the Alzheimer's Association, the faith-based community and many more to come.  


The Capitals have already made significant strides and upgrades to their roster with some new additions.  The official roster has not been released but there are 3 key acquisitions that will make the Caps even more fast fun and a threat to even challenge for the lead in the ABA Southwest Region.  Follow the Capitals all year long and be proud of our team in our town.   There is no basketball action like ABA Live Action.  Don't miss one moment.



2019 FINAL


1.  South Florida Gold 18-0

2.  San Francisco City Cats 19-0

3.  Syracuse Stallions 22-1

4.  Jacksonville Giants 19-1

5.  Wyoming Valley Clutch 18-2

6.  Steel City Yellow Jackets 17-2

7.  Port City Tornados 17-3

8.  Team Trouble 19-3

9.  Richmond Elite 14-1

10. Binghamton Bulldogs 20-5

11. St. Louis Spirits 15-3

12. Chicago Fury 16-4

13. Chicago Knights 14-4

14. Baltimore Hawks 14-6

15. San Diego Kings 12-5

16. San Diego Guardians 12-5

17. Worcester 78's 11-5

18. West Michigan Lake Hawks 12-5

19. Tri City Blackhawks 13-5

20. Philadelphia Cannons 10-5

21. Indiana Lyons 14-8

22. Music City Jazz 10-5

23. Orange County Novastars 10-7

24. Akron Aviators 10-7

25. T-Atlanta Storm 9-6  

         Team Network 9-6


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